August 25, 2019 – Nevada City, California – New Venture Research (NVR) announces the
publication of its latest market research report, Global IC Packaging Applications and
Outsourced Semiconductor and Test (OSAT) Markets, 2019 Edition. This new Global IC Packaging Applications and OSAT Markets report builds on NVR’s 20‐year history of covering the worldwide integrated circuits (IC) market from a variety of angles. This report focuses on two important sectors of the market: applications for IC devices and IC packaging, and the OSAT, or outsourced semiconductor assembly and test market, and its wide variety of competitors.

The electronics industry produces a mindboggling array of products, and at the heart of each
one of those products are semiconductors developed specifically for that product. Major
application segments include consumer products, computers, communications, automotive,
and industrial and other (everything else). In this new strategic report, NVR details the current
and future market for each application segment. For example, the report reveals that the
fastest growing application segment for IC devices is the communications market, whose
shipments will expand at a CAGR of 7.1 percent between 2018 and 2023, and will reach annual
revenues of $137 billion. Though the once white‐hot smartphone market has cooled in recent
years, communications devices of all types (and the infrastructure products that support them)
will still lead the IC market in growth.

This report discusses applications for virtually all aspects of ICs, starting with an overview of the global electronics market, which includes a quantitative analysis of the role ICs play in
electronics products. Next, following detailed forecasts of the worldwide market for both IC
devices and IC packaging, the report provides a comprehensive analysis of ICs in terms of the
five major application segments, providing numerous tables and charts from a variety of
The final chapters of this report shift from a focus on applications to examine the OSAT market,
which accounts for more than half of the global IC packaging market annual revenues.
Moreover, while the overall IC packaging market will grow at a CAGR of 4.8 percent through
2023, OSAT revenues will grow at a rate of 6.5 percent, thanks to expanding reliance on
outsourcing for not just conventional packaging products, but for a growing number of
advanced packaging formats.

The report also provides profiles of 39 OSAT competitors. There are more than 200 OSATs
worldwide, and the majority are concentrated in China, Taiwan, and other Asian countries.
Most of these competitors are quite small and serve very specific or regionally limited markets.
In fact, only three companies are responsible for half of all revenues generated by the OSAT
market, and one of them alone, ASE Technology Holding Company, Ltd., is responsible for
nearly one third of revenues. The report’s profiles, however, are not restricted to just the
leading competitors, but cover a range of companies both large and small, and which represent
a range of business models, from companies that provide a large variety of products, to those
that focus on very specific product types.

Global IC Packaging Applications and Outsourced Semiconductor and Test (OSAT) Markets
continues NVR’s long tradition of providing a unique blend of qualitative analysis and deep and
accurate quantitative market segmentation. Altogether the 372‐page report includes 186 tables
and figures, each presenting market data from 2018 and forecasts through 2023. Moreover,
much of the application analysis includes market segments never before covered by any
previous NVR report.

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