New Venture Industry Reports

IC Application Markets, 2009 Edition

A Strategic Report
Examining the IC Content
of all Key Electronics Products

Price $1495—Published July 2009, 150 pages

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After an unprecedented six years of double-digit unit growth, the semiconductor industry faltered in late 2008 as the global economic crisis struck hard. So, where is the industry headed now? When will growth resume? What products will lead growth in the future?

New Venture research (NVR) , in the 2009 Edition of IC Application Markets, analyzes IC usage across the entire electronics industry and uses this analysis to forecast the future of the global IC market. The forecast will enable your company to target high-growth applications.

The report begins with NVR ’s views on the state of the semiconductor industry, along with a top level forecast. This discussion includes global economic factors that may prove crucial to the industry in the coming years.

Following this high-level review, IC forecasts are presented for five electronics market segments:




Industrial and Medical

Transportation and Defense

This forecast breaks the semiconductor industry into more than 40 products and provides IC units and IC revenue for these products. Some of the specific products covered include:





Cellular Handsets

Cellular Infrastructure

Enterprise LANs

Wireless LANs


Set-Top Boxes

MP3 Players

Digital Cameras

Video Games



Many Others

As the future of the semiconductor industry is critical to your business, please review the report’s outline on the following pages. IC Application Markets, 2009 Edition, continues NVR ’s leadership position in assessing the status and future of the industry. The report is delivered by email as a single-user PDF file. The report sells for $1495, with extra single-user licenses at $250 each. Corporate licensing is available—contact us for pricing.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Executive Summary

Chapter 3: The State of the Industry

World Economic Outlook
Semiconductor Industry Outlook
IC Market Summary by Application
Quarterly Update

Chapter 4: Computer Market Forecasts

Desktop PCs
Notebook PCs
Flash Drives
Other Computer Products

Chapter 5: Communications Market Forecasts

Cellular Handsets
Cellular Infrastructure
Other Phones
Enterprise LANs
Wireless LANs
DSL/Cable Modems
Carrier-Class Equipment
Other Communications Products

Chapter 6: Consumer Market Forecasts

Set-Top Boxes
DVD Players/Recorders
Digital Cameras
Audio Products
Console Video Games
Personal Navigation Devices
Memory Cards
Other Consumer Products

Chapter 7: Industrial and Medical Market Forecasts


Control and Processing
Test and Measurement
Other Industrial
Industrial Summary


Monitoring and Surgical
Medical Summary

Chapter 8: Transportation and Defense Market Forecasts


Engine Control
Automobile Summary

Commercial Aviation
Other Transportation

Partial List of Figures and Tables

Nominal GDP of Major Countries and Regions
Real GDP Growth for Selected Countries
IC History, 1988–2007
Summary IC Forecast, 2006–20121
Summary Unit Forecast by Product
Summary IC Revenue Forecast by Product
ICs by Application Segment, 2007–2012
Computer IC Forecast
Desktop PC IC Forecast
Notebook PC IC Forecast
Server IC Forecast
Workstation IC Forecast
Storage IC Forecast (Computer Market Only)
Enterprise Storage IC Forecast
Monitor IC Forecast
Printer IC Forecast
PDA IC Forecast
Flash Drive IC Forecast
Other Computer Products IC Forecast
ICs in Computer Products, 2007–2012
Computer IC Revenue by IC Product Family
Communications IC Forecast
Cellular Handset IC Forecast
Cellular Infrastructure IC Forecast
Other Phones IC Forecast
Enterprise LAN IC Forecast
Wireless LAN IC Forecast
DSL/Cable Modem IC Forecast
PBX/Other CPE IC Forecast
Carrier-Class Equipment IC Forecast
Other Communications Products IC Forecast
ICs in Communications Products, 2007–2012
Communications IC Revenue by IC Product Family
Consumer IC Forecast
Television IC Forecast
Set-Top Box IC Forecast
DVD Player/Recorder IC Forecast
Digital Camera IC Forecast
MP3 Player IC Forecast
Other Audio IC Forecast
Console Video Game IC Forecast
Camcorder IC Forecast
PND IC Forecast
Memory Card IC Forecast
Other Consumer Products IC Forecast
ICs in Consumer Products, 2007–2012
Consumer IC Revenue by IC Product Family
Industrial IC Forecast
Control and Processing IC Forecast
Test and Measurement IC Forecast
Other Industrial IC Forecast
ICs in Industrial Products, 2007–2012
Medical IC Forecast
Medical Diagnostics IC Forecast
Therapeutic IC Forecast
Monitoring and Surgical IC Forecast
ICs in Medical Products, 2007–2012
Industrial/Medical IC Revenue by IC Product Family
Automobile Production by Country, 2003–2007
Automobile IC Forecast
Engine Control IC Forecast
Instruments IC Forecast
Safety IC Forecast
Entertainment IC Forecast
ICs in Automobile Products, 2007–2012
Commercial Aviation IC Forecast
Other Transportation IC Forecast
Defense IC Forecast
Transportation and Defense IC Revenue by IC Product Family


Price $1495—Published July 2009, 150 pages

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