IC Packaging Materials
2009 Edition

A Strategic Report On The Diverse Markets
for  IC Packaging Materials

Price $1995—Published December 2009, 175 pages

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Although IC shipments have dropped significantly in 2009,
this is merely a dip in the road. Volumes have already begun to move
upward again, and customers will require an ever-increasing portfolio
of IC packaging materials to meet the unique needs of various

In its report, IC Packaging Materials, 2009 Edition, New Venture Research
uses information from IC packaging industry insiders to present the
most realistic forecasts available regarding the IC packaging materials
markets. This report covers all the critical materials found in IC
packaging, as well as the newest IC packaging materials and latest
research from many organizations.

Chapter 1 explains the scope and methodology of the report; Chapter 2 summarizes the IC packaging material revenue.

Chapter 3 presents NVR ’s views on the state of the
semiconductor industry. This includes NVR ’s base semiconductor
forecast and a review of the industry’s third-quarter results.

Chapter 4 presents the wire bonding market—including wire
bonding methods, product highlights, and forecasts of bonding wire
materials, wire thicknesses, and wire revenue.

Chapter 5 details the leadframe market. This chapter presents
product highlights and leadframe unit and revenue forecasts by I/O
count, pitch, and plating finish.

Chapter 6 presents the substrate market, including an
overview of substrate types and materials, and highlights of recent
developments in substrates. Forecasts are provided for substrate
units, area, and revenue by package type and substrate material.

Chapter 7 gives an overview of the solder sphere market, with
product highlights and forecasts of solder sphere units, price, and
revenue by package family, material, and size.

Chapter 8 reviews the underfill market, with  product
highlights and volume and revenue forecasts for the various types of

Chapter 9 covers the molding/encapsulation market, including
product highlights and forecasts for the halogen-free transition and
overall mold compound revenue.

As the future of the IC packaging materials is critical to
your business, please review the report’s outline on the following
pages. IC Packaging Materials, 2009 Edition will
provide you with the critical information you need to assess this
market. The report is available in electronic format only and is
delivered by email as a single-user PDF file. The report sells for
$1995, with extra single-user licenses at $250 each. Corporate
licensing is available—contact us for pricing.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Executive Summary

Chapter 3: The State of the Industry

World Economic Outlook

2009 Base Forecast

Third-Quarter Update

Chapter 4: Wire Bonding

Wire Bonding Methods

Product Highlights


Units by Package Family

Wire Usage by Package Family,
Wire Material, and Wire Thickness

Wire Revenue by Material

Chapter 5: Leadframes

Plating Finishes

Product Highlights


Units by I/O Range, Pitch, and Plating Finish

Revenue by Size and Plating Finish

Chapter 6: Substrates




Flex Tape

Embedded Passives

Thermal Substrates

Product Highlights


Units, Area, Revenue by Package Family

Units, Area, Revenue by Material

Chapter 7: Solder Spheres

Preformed Solder Spheres

Product Highlights


Total Spheres by Package Family, Size , and Material

Revenue by Material

Chapter 8: Underfill

Underfill Types

Product Highlights


Underfilled Packages by Package Family

Underfill by Method

Chapter 9: Molding and Encapsulation


Product Highlights


Mold Compound by Package Family

Mold Compound Revenue


Partial List of Figures and Tables

IC Packaging Material Revenue Summary, 2008–2013


Nominal GDP of Major Countries and Regions

Real GDP Growth for Selected Countries

IC Units and Revenue, 2008–2013

Summary IC Unit Forecast by Product, 2008–2013


Wire Bonded ICs by Package Family, 2008–2013

Bonding Wire Usage by Package Family, 2008–2013

Bonding Wire Usage by Thickness, 2008 vs. 2013

Bonding Wire Usage by Material, 2008–2013

Bonding Wire Prices and Revenue, 2008–2013


Leadframe Packages by I/O Range, 2008–2013

Leadframes Divided by Size, 2008–2013

Leadframe Pitch, 2008–2013

Leadframe Plating Finish, 2008–2013

Cost per Leadframe, 2008–2013

Total Leadframe Revenue, 2008–2013


PGA Units by I/O Pitch, 2008–2013

BGA Units by I/O Pitch, 2008–2013

FBGA Units by I/O Pitch, 2008–2013

WLP Units by I/O Pitch, 2008–2013

PGA Substrates, 2008–2013

BGA Substrates, 2008–2013

FBGA Substrates, 2008–2013

Substrate Unit Summary, 2008–2013

Average Substrate Area by Package Type, 2008–2013

Substrate Area by Package Type, 2008–2013

Substrate Area Summary, 2008–2013

Average Substrate Price, 2008–2013

Substrate Revenue by Package Type, 2008–2013

Substrate Revenue Summary, 2008–2013


Solder Spheres by Package Type and

Sphere Size, 2008–2013

Solder Spheres by Material, 2008–2013

Solder Sphere Pricing by Material, 2008–2013

Solder Sphere Revenue by Material, 2008–2013


Underfilled Packages by Package Family, 2008–2013

Underfilled Packages by Underfill Type, 2008–2013

Underfill Quantity, 2008–2013

Price per Gram for Underfill, 2008–2013

Underfill Revenue, 2008–2013


Encapsulated ICs, 2008–2013

Mold Compound Usage by Package Family, 2008–2013

Mold Compound Halogen-Free Transition, 2008–2013

Mold Compound Price, 2008–2013

Mold Compound Revenue, 2008–2013

The IC packaging material products, services, and research of
the following companies and organizations are interspersed throughout
the report:

  • Advanced Component Labs
  • Amkor
  • ASE
  • Auburn University
  • Cicorel
  • CMK
  • Dynacraft
  • Eastern Company
  • Endicott Interconnect
  • Fraunhofer Institute
  • Henkel
  • Heraeus
  • Hitachi Chemical
  • Imbera Electronics
  • Indium
  • Innovex
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Kinsus Interconnect
  • Kyocera
  • LORD
  • Microbonds
  • Mitsui High-tec
  • MK Electron
  • Nan Ya PCB
  • NEC
  • NEC Toppan
  • Nippon Micrometal
  • NTK
  • PolySciences
  • QPL
  • Rogers
  • Semiconductor Packaging Materials
  • Senju Metal
  • Shin-Etsu MicroSi
  • Shinko Electric
  • Simmtech
  • Spheretek
  • Sumitomo Bakelite
  • Tanaka Kikinzoka
  • Technical University Berlin
  • Toppan Printing
  • Unimicron
  • Zymet

Price $1995—Published December 2009, 175 pages

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