The Worldwide Conventional and Advanced Packaging Market for IC Devices – 2019 Edition

The Worldwide Conventional and Advanced Packaging Market for IC Devices – 2019 Edition


The excel spreadsheet contains all the table data found in the report making the sorting and manipulation of the data easier to use.

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The Worldwide Conventional and Advanced Packaging Market for IC Devices, 2019 Edition, a new report from New Venture Research (NVR), examines the global marketplace of integrated circuits (ICs) and the many packaging designs developed for ICs. This comprehensive report presents detailed analysis of a vast and vibrant IC market that is expected to reach $425 billion by 2023. The 385-page report provides insightful analysis of major market trends affecting the IC industry, and presents more than 170 tables quantifying both the IC devices and IC packaging markets. In addition, dozens of graphical figures provide an alternative perspective for understanding the underlying data. The report provides extensive and detailed quantitative analysis with forecasts for unit shipments, revenues and package pricing for 30 separate IC device types as well as 14 major packaging categories comprising 44 IC packaging market segments. Also covered are advanced IC packaging market segments and interconnection solutions. Virtually every table presents year-end data for 2018, plus five-year forecasts from 2019 through 2023.

The report is arranged into six chapters. An Introductory chapter (Chapter 1) and the Executive Summary (Chapter 2) present a short overview of the report with a description of its major conclusions and methodology. The remaining chapters focus on four major topics of discussion.

Chapter 3, Integrated Circuit Device Market Analysis, starts with a top-level view of the IC devices market with tables and figures detailing the market in terms of 30 distinct IC devices, plus additional segmentation by device functions (processors, logic, memory and analog), and major world regions. The chapter then presents unit shipment and revenue forecasts of each device type in terms of the packaging types used for each.

Chapter 4, IC Packaging Market Analysis, examines the IC packaging market in deep granular detail. Tables provide historical data and forecasts of unit shipments, revenues and package ASP for 14 packaging “families” with additional segmentation based on the number of I/Os for the packaging types. Altogether, there are 44 market segments analyzed, each in terms of the IC devices embedded in the package.

Chapter 5: Advanced Packaging Markets, provides an in-depth discussion of the technologies and market trends of advanced packaging solutions:
● Fan-out wafer-level packaging (FOWLP)
● Multi-row QFN packaging (MRQFN)
● Vertically stacked multichip packages: TSOPs, QFNs, FBGAs, and WLPs
● System-in-packages (SiPs): package-on-packages, package-in-packages and multichip modules

Chapter 6: Interconnection Technologies and Solutions, provides a comprehensive examination of wire bonding and flip chip technology, in terms of both unit shipments and revenues. The analysis of flip chip markets includes forecasts of specific devices and packaging types. The chapter also examines the market potential of through-silicon vias (TSVs) for 2.5D and 3D packaging.

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