Here is the 2019 list of the MMI Top 50 EMS providers.

1 HonHai Precision (Foxconn) New Taipei, Taiwan
2 Pegatron Taipei, Taiwian
3 Jabil Circuit St. Petersburg, FL
4 Flex San Jose, CA
5 Wistron Taoyuan, Taiwan
6 Sanmina San Jose, CA
7 New Kinpo Group New Taipei, Taiwan
8 BYD Electronics Shenzhen, China
9 Celestica Toronto, ON, Canada
10 USI Shanghai, China
11 Venture Singapore
12 Plexus Neenah, WI
13 Benchmark Electronics Scottsdale, AZ
14 Shenzhen Kaifa Shenzhen, China
15 Zollner Zandt, Germany
16 Fabrinet Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
17 SIIX Corp. Osaka, Japan
18 UMC Saitama, Japan
19 Kimball Electronics Jasper, Indiana
20 Integrated Micro-Electronics, Inc. Laguna, Philippines
21 Sumitronics Tokyo, Japan
22 Asteelflash Neuilly, France
23 V.S. Industry Berhad Senai, Malaysia
24 Pan International Taipei, Tawian
25 Kaga Electronics Fremont, CA
26 VTech Communications Hong Kong
27 ATA IMS Berhad Johor Bahru, Malaysia
28 NEO  Tech Fremont, CA
29 Ducommun, Inc. Santa Ana, CA
30 Global Brands Mfg. New Taipei City, Taiwan
31 Enics AG Zurich, Switzerland
32 VIDEOTON Székesfehérvár, Hungary
33 Scanfil Sievi, Finland
34 Katolec Japan
35 Neways Electronics Son, The Netherlands
36 PC Partner Dongguan, China
37 3CEMS Group Taipei City, Taiwan
38 Orient Semiconductor Electronics Kaohsiung, Taiwan
39 WKK Technology Hong Kong
40 Shenzhen Zowee Tech Shenzhen, China
41 SVI Bangkadi, Pathumthani, Thailand
42 Key Tronic Spokane Valley, WA
43 Wong’s Intl. Holdings Hong Kong
44 DBG Huizhou, China
45 Computime Hong Kong
46 ALL CIRCUITS Meung Sur Loire, France
47 GPV Group Aars, Denmark
48 Hana Microelectronics Bangkok, Thailand
49 LACROIX Electronics Saint Herblain cedex, France
50 Katek SE Munich, Germany


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