New Venture Research Corp. (NVR) took its name from the explosion new startup companies being conceived in Silicon Valley, in hopes of capitalizing on emerging markets market intelligence and innovative company products.  Our plan was to target electronics companies, consultants and venture capitalists that required independent business intelligence that could be used in their business plans and product development.  As we evolved, most of these organizations relied more on their internal resources rather than outsiders, yet there was always a need for third-party opinion, which often involved a custom consulting engagement.

NVR spent the next two decades consulting to OEM electronics manufacturing companies in the field of market research, business development and M/A advisory services.  Our case study history web page illustrates the range of consulting assignments that describe our value-add services.  Today, we contribute significant results to companies either releasing new products, moving into a new market or a region, or acting as a broker/match-maker to companies wishing to partner or enlarge their product reach or market penetration.

In the year 2009, a change occurred when Electronic Trend Publications decided to merge with NVR, repositioning the company as a market research publishing house and management consultancy.  Since this time, we have expanded our market research repertory of publications while continuing to supplement with custom market research consulting services per our history.  Our concentration continues to be on advanced electronics products, with a focus in the electronics manufacturing space (EMS, ODM and OEM), electronics semiconductor packaging, and emerging products and technologies such as printed electronics, photovoltaics (PV), nanotechnology and LED manufacturing technology.

With its research partners in Europe and China, NVR is uniquely positioned as a global provider of business intelligence and advisory services to companies in the computer, telecommunications, consumer, scientific instrumentation, industrial, medical and transportation electronics markets worldwide.  We assist clients in their decision making by providing timely market and strategic information via field (primary) and desk research.  Our aim is to assist our clients to achieve their key business objectives by offering a range of  research and consulting services that give guidance on new products and emerging businesses.