Photovoltaic: PV Cell Materials (crystalline silicon, thin films, emerging materials); Manufacturing technology (cell, module, installation); Applications (off-grid, on-grid (residential, commercial, government, utility); Regional Production (China, Germany, Japan, USA/Canada, Rest of Europe, Rest of Asia, Rest of Americas, Rest of World); In-House vs. Outsourced production

Printed Electronics: Organic and Thin Film (polymers, organic/ inorganic transistors and electronics); Printable Electronics (polymers, inks, substrates); Applications (RFID, OLEDs, smart labels and intelligent packaging, memory/logic/sensors, photovoltaics)

Nanotechnology: Raw Materials (nanotubes, wires, particles, composites, clays, polymers, coating, gels, paints, etc.); Electronics (MPUs, memory, logic, optoelectronics, sensors, displays, etc.); Metrology/Test Equipment (imaging, lasers, scanning/probes, etc.);  Energy (batteries/fuel cells, super capacitors, energy conversion/transmission) ICs, components, modules by Application:  semiconductors,MPUs, MCUs, memory, logic, optoelectronics,  sensors, COGS by vertical market (see above)