3D Additive Manufacturing: Leveraging its knowledge and experience in the printed electronics and printed circuit board industries, NVR is undertaking a study of the emerging market of 3D or additive manufacturing to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2012.   The report will examine the fastest growing applications and areas where additive manufacturing is expected to be the most disruptive.  Forecasts will be provided for how 3D manufacturing will displace traditional forms of manufacturing across all industries.


Photovoltaic: PV Cell Materials (crystalline silicon, thin films, emerging materials); Manufacturing technology (cell, module, installation); Applications (off-grid, on-grid (residential, commercial, government, utility); Regional Production (China, Germany, Japan, USA/Canada, Rest of Europe, Rest of Asia, Rest of Americas, Rest of World); In-House vs. Outsourced production


Printed Electronics: Organic and Thin Film (polymers, organic/ inorganic transistors and electronics); Printable Electronics (polymers, inks, substrates); Applications (RFID, OLEDs, smart labels and intelligent packaging, memory/logic/sensors, photovoltaics)


Nanotechnology: Raw Materials (nanotubes, wires, particles, composites, clays, polymers, coating, gels, paints, etc.); Electronics (MPUs, memory, logic, optoelectronics, sensors, displays, etc.); Metrology/Test Equipment (imaging, lasers, scanning/probes, etc.);  Energy (batteries/fuel cells, super capacitors, energy conversion/transmission) ICs, components, modules by Application:  semiconductors, MPUs, MCUs, memory, logic, optoelectronics,  sensors, COGS by vertical market (see above)