Automotive: Engine control units (ECUs), Instrumentation, Safety/Security, Entertainment Systems


Communications: Cellular handsets, Cellular Infrastructure, Enterprise LANs, Wireless LANs, DSL/Cable modems, PBX/Other CPE, Class-carrier Switches/Routers, SONET/fiber, Other Phones, Other Communications (radio systems, satellite, network management, traffic systems, etc.)


Computers/Peripherals: Notebook/Netbook PCs, Desktop PCs, Tablets, Servers, Workstations, Enterprise Storage Systems, Stand-alone Monitors, Printers, PDAs/Tablets/e-Readers, Other Computer (copiers, fax machines, calculators, cash registers, etc.)


Consumer Electronics: Analog TVs, Digital/HDTVs, MP3/MP4 Players, Smart Home/Other Audio, Video Console Games, Set-Top Boxes, Camcorders, DVD Players, Digital Cameras, Personal Navigation, Other Consumer products (appliances, etc.)


Industrial: Process control (PLCs, automation, fluid, power, chemical/petrochemical, mining/hydraulics, environmental, elevators, robotics, etc.), Test and Measurement (inspection, metrology, semiconductor capital equipment, other test equipment), Other Industrial (renewable energy, airport scanners, lighting, laundry, security/fire, tools, ATMs/POS, etc.)


Medical: Medical Diagnostics (in vitro, MRI/CT imaging, blood/glucose meters, oncology, respiratory); Therapeutic (dialysis, pacemakers, stents, anesthesia, etc.); Monitoring and Surgical (cardiac, dental, endoscopy, orthopedics, ophthalmic, etc.)


Aerospace/Military: In-flight entertainment, Flight navigation (commercial/military), Weapons/combat, C3, Other aviation, Other transportation (off-road, marine, rail)