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Top 50 Surpasses $350 Billion


MMI’s annual list of the 50 largest EMS providers worldwide reached another milestone in 2019. The combined sales of the MMI Top 50™ EMS providers increased by $21 billion over 2018, for a total of $351 billion. While not all of this revenue is pure EMS—there is some ODM and other non-EMS business mixed in among the largest companies—the vast majority of it is EMS, offering a clear indication of how much OEMs now depend on the EMS industry for their production assembly.

With the results of MMI’s Top 50 survey now in, it can be said that 2019 was a modest but solid growth year for the Top 50 as a whole. Sales increased by 2.5 percent in 2019. This result may increase a bit as we compile data on the rest of the industry; however, the Top 50 usually account for approximately 60 percent of total industry revenue, so this percentage may go up depending on the other 40 percent.


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