Having all the functionality of a video recorder, camera, cell phone, computer, and the ability to have Internet access all in one device which fits in one’s pocket is an amazing feat.

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Increasingly it is the IC package which is aiding the transformation in the way we communicate, listen to music, gather data, address our medical needs, and perform our everyday business needs.  The report, The Multi-Component IC Packaging Market, 2014 Edition, covers these important IC package technologies, including stacked packaging , through via technology, 2.5-D and 3-D technologies, and system in package, or SiP.

Complex multi-component IC packages have added a new dimension to high speed and small form factor.   The through via technology, also knows as TSV, or through silicon via technology, is an innovative method of connecting the die in these packages in which the die are vertically stacked, and will have the ability to usher in a host of new products with even higher bandwidth capabilities, thus being a “game changer” for the industry.  This technology will allow for higher bandwidth, smaller form factor, lower battery consumption, and higher speed.  More will be able to be accomplished with smaller handheld devices, including medical diagnostics which can be performed anywhere Internet or RF capability is available.  The list is endless of what may become…

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