Regional Market Study

Problem: A Northeastern EMS company was interested in better understanding the regional market for its services which included PCBA, box build integration and wire/harness and cable assembly. Because the client was a small and regional, it was concerned with the competition and the total available market (TAM) that existed within its specific geographic radius. Additionally, the company wanted to understand the demand for its services and the current penetration among OEM customers and what were the specific barriers to entry among competitors.

Solution: NVR provided a macroeconomic analysis of the EMS in North American and in the Northeastern region of the market. A profile of end use customers was provided including the total available market, leading competitors, operating margins, competitive niches, and areas of strongest potential. Recommendations were made as to where to concentrate sales efforts to achieve the maximum penetration, minimal price-sensitivity and preferences for small versus large suppliers. The client ultimately executed the strategies recommended by NVR and achieved a 2x market growth for each successive year.