After decades of massive investment by its central government, China has advanced from a nation regarded simply as a land of abundant, cheap labor, to the largest economy and exporter in the world. With a nominal GDP of more than $14.7 trillion in 2020, second only to the United States, it is a powerhouse within the electronics sector. The 2020 value of the country’s electronics industry reached nearly $350 billion, accounting for a quarter of worldwide assembly value in 2020.

OEM Electronics Manufacturing in China is the newest market analysis report from New Venture Research (NVR) and provides a comprehensive look into the Chinese electronics market. After providing context through a detailed examination of the worldwide electronics marketplace, the report focuses on original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) operating in China. Data includes actual market results from 2020 and forecasts through 2025.

The purpose of the report is to provide business executives with insightful analysis of the major application trends affecting the electronics industry. It begins by detailing the worldwide electronics market, organized into seven major application segments: Computers, Communications, Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Medical, Automotive, and Commercial Aviation, Military/Defense, and Other Transportation. In addition, it surveys numerous specific electronics product markets, such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs and other consumer products, and automotive components. The report then does a deep dive into the China electronics market, with the OEM market further detailed in terms of the seven major industry applications. Finally, the report provides details of the top 30 OEM suppliers in China, which together account for close to two thirds of the total market.

OEM Electronics Manufacturing in China – 2021 Edition is the product of hundreds of hours of research. The report sells for $3995, with extra single-user licenses at $500 and a corporate license at $1500.

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