The worldwide electronics manufacturing assembly market continued to recover significantly in 2010. After a painful downturn, the market experienced significant growth in semiconductor sales and assembly value (COGS – cost of goods sold). All indications are that this growth will continue into and beyond 2015.

New Venture Research (NVR) has followed the electronics assembly industry for over 20 years with numerous research reports focusing on all the players and product assemblies in the electronics industry. Now, NVR is pleased to offer, The Worldwide Electronics IC, PCB & Box Assembly Application Markets – 2011 Edition. This unique database provides 2010 global IC electronics and assembly data by its individual components (semiconductor ICs, passives, discretes, labor/overhead (e.g. PCB assembly value), plus box assembly value) for 46 different product applications. This database is supported with a Word file commentary discussion of the growth market trends of the leading products. This database provides the foundation for NVR’s other reports in electronics packaging and electronics product assembly by supplier (OEM, EMS, ODM). This report is the foundation by which our other packaging and assembly market reside providing a complete understanding of the cost elements for leading electronics products including IC semiconductor, PCB board and Box assembly cost elements in the leading electronics product assembly application markets. The database divides the global electronics industry into seven critical market segments including:

  • Automotive
  • Communications Computers /Peripherals
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Aerospace/Military/Other Transportation

A discussion of each market application and the trends is included with the database in a Word document. Each market segment and individual product application is reviewed for semiconductor, PCB and Box costing trends.

The Worldwide Electronics IC, PCB & Box Assembly Application Markets – 2011 Edition, will provide the critical information you need on electronics COGS assembly. The Excel and Word files are shipped by email as a single-user license priced at $2,995. An extra single user license is $250 and a corporate license is $1000.  See our website at for obtaining a detailed brochure.