Global IC Packaging Applications and Outsourced Semiconductor and Test (OSAT) Markets – 2019 Edition

Global IC Packaging Applications and Outsourced Semiconductor and Test (OSAT) Markets – 2019 Edition


This excel spreadsheet contains all the table data found in the report making the sorting and manipulation of the data easier to use.

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In the manufacturing of integrated circuits, the role played by the back-end assembly process has changed considerably over the decades. Once important only as a protective housing for the delicate IC devices, IC packages have come to be regarded as integral to the functioning of the ICs, and instrumental in determining the types of electronics we all will purchase in the future.

For more than twenty years, New Venture Research (NVR) has provided high quality, in-depth analysis of the IC packaging market. Continuing in that long tradition,
NVR announces a new report for 2019: Global IC Packaging Applications and Outsourced Semiconductor and Test (OSAT) Markets. This report delves deeply into two critical market segments. The first focus is on the broad domain of applications for which ICs are developed, as well as the end-user electronics products that use ICs. The second focus of the report is on the category of companies known as outsourced semiconductor assembly and test companies, usually referred to by the acronym OSATs, and presents NVR’s continuing coverage of this expanding sector of the semiconductor market.

The purpose of the report is to provide an analysis of the major application trends affecting the electronics industry, and detailed forecasts of the major application segments- Consumer, Computer, Communications, Automotive, and Industrial & Other. It also surveys numerous specific electronics product markets, such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs and other consumer products, and automotive components. In addition, the report analyzes the strategies and IC packaging products shipped by OSATs, with forecasts of unit shipments, revenues and ASP. Every table in the report presents historical data for 2018 and forecasts the market for the five-year period, 2019 – 2023.

The 300-page report consists of seven chapters. Chapter 1, “Introduction,” and Chapter 2, “Executive Summary.” Chapter 3, “Global Electronics Market Trends and Forecasts” presents a critical industry analysis at the global economy today and the broad economic and market trends driving the semiconductor industry. It also details the key electronics products markets for IC devices.

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